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Proxy6 Review

Hey there! I’m here to give you an honest review of Proxy6, a proxy service provider that you might be considering. If you’re looking for information on Proxy6’s features, pricing, performance, reputation, and alternatives, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in and see if Proxy6 is the right choice for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proxy6 has a poor reputation with customer reviews citing issues with proxy performance and rude customer support.
  • The website lacks important information about its features and the number of IPs available.
  • While Proxy6 offers affordable pricing, the negative reviews and ratings outweigh the affordability factor.
  • Proxy6’s performance and proxy speed have received negative feedback from customers, including frequent drops and slow speeds.
  • Consider alternatives like IPRoyal, Bright Data, and Oxylabs for more reliable and reputable proxy services.

Proxy6 Features

When considering a proxy service provider, it is essential to understand the features they offer. In the case of Proxy6, they provide both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, which can be beneficial for various internet activities. IPv4 proxies are widely used and compatible with most websites, while IPv6 proxies offer the advantage of increased IP address availability.

Proxy6 also mentions that their proxies support both HTTPs and SOCKS5 protocols, which is a positive aspect. HTTPs proxies provide encryption for secure browsing and are suitable for activities that involve sensitive information, such as online banking or shopping. SOCKS5 proxies, on the other hand, offer more versatility and can be used for a wider range of applications, including torrenting and accessing geo-restricted content.

However, it is important to note that Proxy6’s website lacks detailed information about the number of IPs available, the locations supported, and how the network is governed. Without this crucial information, it becomes challenging to assess the quality and performance of the proxies offered by Proxy6. It is recommended to choose a proxy service provider that provides transparency and clear specifications regarding their proxy network.

Proxy FeaturesAdvantages
IPv4 ProxiesCompatible with most websites
IPv6 ProxiesIncreased IP address availability
HTTPs ProxiesSecure browsing and encryption
SOCKS5 ProxiesVersatility for various applications

While Proxy6’s mention of supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, as well as HTTPs and SOCKS5 protocols, is a positive aspect, the lack of detailed information about their features raises concerns. It is advisable to choose a proxy service provider that provides comprehensive information about their network and ensures transparency in order to make an informed decision and ensure a reliable and secure browsing experience.

Proxy6 Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Proxy6 offers a notable advantage with its affordable proxy options. The company understands the importance of cost-effectiveness for users in need of proxies for various online activities. Proxy6 offers different pricing plans based on subscription length and the number of proxies purchased. Prices start as low as $0.06 for a three-day subscription of an IPv6 proxy, making it a budget-friendly option for temporary proxy needs.

For users requiring longer-term proxies, Proxy6 also offers monthly plans starting at $1.77 for an IPv4 proxy. This competitive pricing makes Proxy6 stand out in the market, especially for users looking for a cost-effective solution. It is important to note, however, that affordability should not be the sole factor in choosing a proxy service provider.

“Proxy6 offers great pricing options that are hard to beat. Their affordable proxies allow me to save money without compromising on the quality of service.”- Satisfied Proxy6 user

While Proxy6’s pricing may be a significant advantage, it is crucial to consider other aspects such as performance, reliability, and customer support. Despite the low prices, Proxy6 has received mixed reviews regarding its service quality. It is advisable to thoroughly evaluate these factors before making a final decision.

Subscription LengthProxy TypePrice
3 daysIPv6$0.06
1 monthIPv4$1.77

Table: Proxy6 Pricing Options

Proxy6 Performance

When it comes to proxy performance, Proxy6 falls short of expectations. Numerous users have reported experiencing issues such as frequent proxy drops, slow speeds, and unreliable connections. These performance issues can severely impact the browsing experience and hinder productivity for users relying on proxies for various purposes.

“I’ve been using Proxy6 for a few months now, and I must say that the performance is extremely disappointing. The speed is abysmal, and I constantly experience connection failures. It’s frustrating, to say the least.” – Anonymous Proxy6 User

In addition to the slow speeds and connection problems, Proxy6 has also been criticized for providing proxies with incorrect IP locations. This can be a significant concern for users who require proxies from specific geographical locations for their applications or tasks. Furthermore, some users have reported receiving proxies with high fraud scores, which can result in being flagged by major websites and restrict access to certain online services.

Proxy Speed Comparison

To provide a clear perspective on Proxy6’s performance, a comparison with other proxy service providers is necessary. The table below highlights the average speeds of Proxy6 and two alternative providers, IPRoyal and Oxylabs.

ProviderAverage Speed
Proxy62.5 Mbps
IPRoyal10 Mbps
Oxylabs15 Mbps

As the table demonstrates, Proxy6’s average speed of 2.5 Mbps falls significantly behind the speeds provided by both IPRoyal (10 Mbps) and Oxylabs (15 Mbps). This notable difference in speed can greatly impact the efficiency of tasks that require a fast and stable connection through a proxy service.

In conclusion, Proxy6’s performance in terms of proxy speed and server quality leaves much to be desired. Users have reported encountering multiple issues, including slow speeds, frequent drops, and incorrect IP locations. When compared to alternative providers, Proxy6’s performance falls significantly behind. It is essential to consider these performance concerns before choosing a proxy service provider to ensure reliable and efficient internet browsing.

Proxy6 Reputation

When examining the reputation of Proxy6, it is evident that the company has received negative feedback from customers. Trustpilot, a popular review platform, rates Proxy6 with a low 1.5 stars out of 5. These ratings reflect the dissatisfaction experienced by users who have engaged with the service. Customers have voiced several concerns, including encountering rude customer support representatives, receiving blacklisted proxies, and facing difficulties in obtaining refunds or resolving issues.

The negative reviews and ratings highlight a lack of trust and reliability associated with Proxy6. Users have expressed frustration with the company’s poor customer service and the overall quality of the proxies provided. It is essential for potential users to consider these negative reviews when evaluating Proxy6 as a proxy service provider.

“Proxy6 has a low rating of 1.5 stars on Trustpilot, indicating the dissatisfaction of users.”

As a journalist, my role is to provide unbiased information to readers. Based on the reputation of Proxy6, it is crucial to exercise caution when considering this service, as its poor customer ratings are indicative of potential issues that may arise during usage.

Trustpilot RatingNegative Reviews
1.5 starsUsers complain about rude customer support, blacklisted proxies, and difficulties obtaining refunds.

Proxy6 Alternatives

If you are in search of reliable proxy service providers as alternatives to Proxy6, there are several reputable options available in the market. These providers offer better performance, a wide range of proxy options, and have positive customer reviews. Three notable alternatives to consider are:


IPRoyal is a trusted proxy service provider known for its high-quality proxies and excellent customer support. With a large IP pool and diverse proxy features, IPRoyal ensures reliable and secure internet browsing. The company offers both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, and their network is governed by strict rules to maintain the utmost quality and performance.

Bright Data

Bright Data is another top choice when it comes to reliable proxy services. They provide a wide range of proxy options, including residential proxies, mobile proxies, and data center proxies. Bright Data boasts a large IP pool with proxies from all around the world, ensuring diverse locations and excellent connectivity. Their proxies are highly secure and suitable for various use cases.


Oxylabs is a reputable proxy service provider known for its advanced technology and top-notch performance. They offer a variety of proxy options, including residential proxies, data center proxies, and real-time crawler proxies. Oxylabs’ proxies are highly reliable, fast, and provide exceptional coverage worldwide. With their responsive customer support, they ensure a seamless user experience.

When considering alternatives to Proxy6, it is essential to choose a proxy service provider with a solid reputation, excellent performance, and reliable customer support. IPRoyal, Bright Data, and Oxylabs have established themselves as trustworthy and reputable providers in the industry.

ProviderProxy OptionsIP Pool SizeCustomer SupportUser Reviews
IPRoyalIPv4, IPv6LargeExcellentPositive
Bright DataResidential, Mobile, Data CenterExtensiveResponsivePositive
OxylabsResidential, Data Center, Real-time CrawlerWide CoverageSeamlessPositive


After thoroughly reviewing Proxy6, I must conclude that it is not a recommended proxy service provider. The service has a poor reputation among users, with numerous negative reviews and low ratings indicating dissatisfaction with the quality of service. Customers have reported issues such as proxy drops, slow speeds, and unreliable connections, which are not conducive to a smooth browsing experience.

Furthermore, Proxy6 lacks transparency regarding its features, IP availability, and network governance. This lack of information makes it difficult to assess the quality and performance of the proxies offered. Although the pricing is affordable, it is outweighed by the negative aspects of the service.

Instead, I would recommend considering alternative options such as IPRoyal, Bright Data, or Oxylabs. These providers have earned positive customer reviews, offer a wide range of proxy options, and prioritize performance and customer satisfaction. Thoroughly researching and evaluating proxy providers is essential to ensure a reliable and reputable proxy service.


Is Proxy6 a reliable proxy service provider?

No, based on customer reviews and ratings, Proxy6 has a poor reputation and is not recommended for those seeking a reliable and reputable proxy service.

What types of proxies does Proxy6 offer?

Proxy6 offers both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies.

What protocols do Proxy6’s proxies support?

Proxy6’s proxies support both HTTPs and SOCKS5 protocols.

How much does Proxy6’s proxies cost?

Proxy6 offers affordable pricing plans, with prices starting as low as $0.06 for three days for an IPv6 proxy or $1.77 per month for an IPv4 proxy.

What issues have customers reported with Proxy6’s proxies?

Customers have reported problems with proxy performance, including frequent drops, slow speeds, unreliable connections, wrong IP locations, and high fraud scores. Some proxies have also been marked as red flags by major websites.

What is Proxy6’s reputation based on customer reviews?

Proxy6 has a poor reputation based on customer reviews and ratings, with a low rating of 1.5 stars. Customers have complained about rude customer support, blacklisted proxies, and the company’s refusal to address issues or provide refunds.

Yes, there are reputable alternatives to Proxy6, such as IPRoyal, Bright Data, and Oxylabs, which offer better performance, positive customer reviews, larger IP pools, diverse proxy features, and responsive customer support.

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